CIRCLEVILLE, OH - The Ohio Christian University Volleyball team had the unique opportunity a couple of weeks ago to volunteer their time to Faith Baptist Church as a part of OCU's annual Church Service Day. Sent out with the mission to serve the community selflessly, the Lady Trailblazers would help by doing some cleanup and house keeping for the church. 

The biggest areas that the team was able to help with were pulling weeds and powerwashing the siding of the building. While one group worked on the outside, another group helped by cleaning and reorganizing many of the classroms indoors while also cleaning the sanctuary. The final task of the day was joining together to help reorganize the church's outdoor shed. 


"Church service day is an awesome opportunity we have to reach out to the churches in our community and fill the needs that they have," said Head Coach Danielle Heffernan. "It is a day when the we can help focus on those jobs that are put at the end of the list because of the other top priorities the church may have."


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