The Cross Country program at Ohio Christian University has officially launched its new outreach initiative, "Cross Country in the Community." To help better serve the church and society as the hands and feet of Christ, the initiative will work to identify needs within the community that can be met by serving with the talents, time and energy that God has gifted the cross country program with.

The first outreach was to help a local widow who has recently diagnosed with lung cancer and is on disability. This woman used to tend to her landscaping and gardening very well until she became unable to. The cross country team, with the help of Ryan Holbrook and the maintenance department at OCU, delivered and spread eight yards of mulch and made her yard look wonderful again. The team was also able to remove weeds and brush from her yard in preparation for landscaping. "The homeowner was very happy and got to see the love of Christ first hand through our athletes," said Head Coach Eric Hamner. "I am so proud of our athletes and how hard they worked (with a glad heart) to provide a service to a complete stranger. I believe this is a great start to a beautiful connection with our local community and we look forward to future projects."