CIRCLEVILLE, OH - Going into the weekend, the Trailblazers' Basketball Program knew they had a challenge in front of them, as they battled the University of St. Francis and Huntington University back to back on Friday and Saturday. St. Francis, OCU's first opponent, was selected as the NAIA Preseason #1 seed and came into the evening undefeated. Despite a good first ten minutes in which OCU even gained a small lead, the Cougars deep bench and talent eventually took over, as they would take a 13 point lead into the half over the Trailblazers. OCU would find a way to slow down the Cougars offensive attack in the second half, but St. Francis would hold to their lead to win the game 86-70. The night would still be special to OCU, as before the game Nic Baker was honored for scoring 1,000 career points at OCU. He would then go on to score 13 points and get five rebounds. 


On Saturday afternoon, the Trailblazers looked to rebound against the Huntington Foresters. As the game began, the Foresters came out firing, as their lead would expand to 24 points headed into halftime with the score being 54-30. The second half would seem to be the same story, as the Foresters would remain in front by 21 points at the ten minute mark. However, the momentum would quickly turn, as Senior Marquis Jackson would spark his team by tearing Huntington's defense to pieces, scoring 51 total points in the game while also getting two blocks and two steals. He would also go 9-9 from the foul line. "Marquis is a very special player and we witnessed a special performance on Saturday. Fans should really try to come out and see him play before he graduates," said Head Coach Tony Stockman. Despite Jackson's tremendous effort and the Trailblazers comeback, the Foresters managed to hold on and make their free throws when they needed them to win the game 104-100. The Trailblazers now stand at 4-5 on the year and will rest up for a trip to Wright State-Lake on Tuesday. 


"We have had a very tough schedule to start the season, and this weekend was a big part of that. We have lost five games, and the teams we have lost to are 36-3. We want to be one of the top teams in the country and playing these teams have showed us what we need to work on and get better at," said Coach Stockman. 


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To see pictures from Friday's game, click here.


To see pictures from Saturday's game, click here.